I felt Milton Babbitt's settings of August Stramm were less authentic than his John Hollander settings. He did his onshoring, not without some youthful mimesis early in his career.

Exspressionism came naturally out of Europe's primal scene -- 1000 years of feudalism ending in police states, authoritarian states, and fascism.

We cannot simply graft that onto our culture. And yet that crisis came to us and artists from that primal scene came here and taught us -- Hindemith, Schoenberg, Krenek, Milhaud. And our familiies shed blood to put an end to fascism.

Our primal scene is 500 years of slavery. Sensible 18th Century shopkeepers helped show a way toward a sustainable system that found a way to reality through empiricism, science and pragmatism. Shopkeeper pragmatism, turned toward advertising became the science of manipulation. This extended from selling us things we don't need to getting us to elect people who harm us. And now business leaders have teamed up with some authoritarian usurpers of our government. This must end.

Onshoring keeps the focus on American primal scenes.
"Whistle" is Kevin Young's peach -- his son.
"An Hymn to Morning" turns Phyllys Wheatley's Hynm to Evening upside down.

Bildung, individuation, spring from a poison oasis.

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