We see comprehension and we see incomprehension. We love the former and are impatient with the latter. However, give incomprehension the time and space to ripen into something interesting.


Death: Mastering the trope trumps the fear thereof, for a time.....


The Chinese landscape poets put the birth of tragedy into negative relief.


Fads are rendered moot when we adopt a diachronic stance.

When we adopt a diachronic stance, *anything goes*. People do adopt the diachronic stance, for example, when a composer says she'll "wait fashion out".


There's nothing more real than fashion, *and that says little for fashion.....*


When soldiers start swaggering, kick them out; but then you have to assume their roles, and when *you* start swaggering, you'll be kicked out.....


I'd pay anything for a whiff of ambergris. The complex volatiles in that rare fermented hazel nut or pistachio is a truly amazing thing. Through our physical senses, especially our sense of smell, we commune with our ancestors, mammalian back to reptilian and beyond. We morph into a wave.

So perhaps needing good music or better music has nothing to do with the primal musical experience. The whales enjoy their songs, and their songs evolve; **but did the first whale enjoy her song more than the last**?

This is the attitude of Artistic Directors who are not musicians. They think of music as something people love, not as something to be cultivated and improved. They think that's just partisan silliness.

This also gets to the heart of Stephen Jay Gould's observation in his book Full House, about Mozarts and 4.0 batting averages.


Trills in the penultimate bar = a bit of turbulence & cognitive dissonance from Zeno's paradox.


There is no meaning, except in fashion; fashion is real; sadly, the transitive equation breaks down there.


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