J a p a n t o u r August, 2013

Rodrigo's Concierto Aramjuez at the Maebashi Concert Hall, Gunma, with Dina Koston's "Set of Three"; Wuorinen's Sonata for Guitar & Piano; Blasphemy (for guitar & piano) by Shoko Suzuki

International F e s t i v a l C a m e r a t a 21
Veracruz, Mexico--September 26, 2013

performing Milton Babbitt's "Sheer Pluck", José Saldaña's "Homanaje a Joe Pass", Dina Koston's "Reflections"; with pianist Joan Forsyth: Charles Wuorinen's "Sonata for Guitar and Piano", and three new works for tiple and piano by Alba Potes, Frank Brickle, and Matthew Greenbaum. Brickle's "Babariol, Babariol, Babarian"; Greenbaum's "Billancico" (a villancico for Bill)

C a l i f o r n i a T o u r November

November 6--with Vox n Plux @ Festival of New American Music (Sacramento)
works by Martin Rokeach, Richard Festinger, Laurie San Martin, Stephen Blumberg,
Robert Pollock
November 12--with Cygnus @ Composers, Inc. Berkeley
works by Sebastian Currier, Ryan Olivier, Harold Meltzer, Martin Rokeach, Allen Shearer

tba -- Interview with Sarah Cahill on KALW


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