Pair of M5 Moves that lead to a big section break

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The Beatles, in *Mother Natures Son* makes a powerful interval vector move.

spelling from bottom to top:

B minor; D/A; G# m7b5

[ B, D, F# ]; [ A, D, F# ] ; [ G#, D, F# ]----then, after a pause, add low E.
The tune over these chords is very sweet, with the C# passing against the D in the 2nd chord.
The effect is oh most sincere hippie, right up until the goofy rising skiffle bass line beginning on E:

E, G#, B, E

The E laughs at the sincerity of the hippie sentiments, and it implicates the shift from minor thirds to major seconds in the humor. It's a true IV phenomenon.

Adding the E, below G#, D, F# (and the B lingers, still in the air) completely changes the mood. Two minor thirds are suddently overwhealmed by 4 whole tones. We switch abruptly from a minor 3rd universe to a whole tone universe.

I took this a step further in my treatment of Ziguezon.

The D in measure 110 is the Beatles move eliding into the next verse.
The Gb in measure 105 is the M5 mod 12 of the Beatles move, it revs up into the section break at 110, and it is a "ha ha".....

The impulse came from the suspicion that the M5 of the move would have its own special kind of punch.
The D and the Gb both break the octotonic.

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